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Rogers Child Care Centre

Description: In the Early Years program, the simple pleasure of stacking blocks becomes a chance to develop physical skills and share the experience in a community! Real life experiences like this will help children grow thinking skills as well as the emotional-intelligence to cooperate and get along with each other. Much of the program happens outside where the kids are able to burn off energy and be themselves. At the end of the day, you can come and pick up a child who has lived a full day of life!

Rogers Child Care Centre is focused on building community, as well as empowering and sharing life with the families we serve.

We have been doing this since 1991, when Rogers Out of School Care Society was established as a member governed non-profit society to provide child care to the students and community of Rogers Elementary School.

Categories: Summer Camps | Full Day, Spring Break Camps, Winter Break Camps

Ages: 3 - 5

Days: M-F

Start Date / Time: Sep 6th / 7:30

End Date / Time: Jun 23rd / 5:30

Duration: Full Day

No. of Sessions: 1

Price for Sessions: Varies

1Up, Victoria Single Parent Resource Centre

Registration Information

Register at: Rogers Child Care Centre
Phone: 250.744.2343
Registration Link: www.rogerschildcare.com
Email: office@rogerschildcare.com

Facility Information

Facility Name: Rogers Child Care Centre
Phone 1: 250.744.2343
Address: 765 Rogers Avenue
Area: Saanich
Facility Link: www.rogerschildcare.com


Kids, Athletics, Fitness & Sports
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