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Peter Pan Water Park

Description: Surrounded by playing fields and tennis courts, the water park is enclosed by wire fences and has an assortment of flooring types; painted pool concrete (where the water flows), spongy floor mats, wood chips and grass. Another popular attraction with kids is the zipline in the upgraded playground adjacent to the water park. There is also a set of swings for kids who want to dry off a bit.Get wet and have some fun!

Categories: Water Parks, Free Activity, Family Fun

Ages: 1 - 12

Days: Days

Start Date / Time: Jun 1st / 10:00

End Date / Time: Sep 2nd / 5:00

Duration: Full Day

No. of Sessions: 1

Price for Sessions: Free

Additional Information: There are picnic tables, benches, parking, a washroom block. The start and end dates are only approximate.... the weather determines the beginning and end of the season.

Registration Information

Register at: Rotary Water Park AKA Peter Pan
Phone: 000-000-0000
Registration Link: oakbay.ca/parks-recreation/facilities-rentals/recreation-centres/carnarvon-centre

Facility Information

Facility Name: Carnarvon Park/Centre
Address: 2801 Henderson Road
Area: Oak Bay
Facility Link: www.webvictoria.com/parks

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