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Maple Leaf School of Ballet


The mission of Maple Leaf School of Russian Ballet is to remain true to classical ballet by teaching the clean technique of the Russian systems while exploring various choreography through modern and contemporary dance forms.

The developmental techniques and ideals outlined by Agrippina Vaganova almost a century ago continue to be widely used today and have produced the world's most renowned dancers best recognized for their flawless technique and artistry – Ulanova, Nureyev, Baryshnikov, Zakharova. In the words of our Artistic Director, Mr. David C. Beales, "the Vaganova method has a long tradition and is absolutely flawless and perfect in the development of technique and purity of line..." Mr. Beales' passion for the Russian methods translates into his teaching and his vision for Maple Leaf School of Russian Ballet.

Classical ballet, clean technique and contemporary choreography, and the overall development and well-being of the dancer are our primary focuses.

Facility Information

Phone 1: 778-433-5323
Address: 310 Henry Street
Area: Victoria City
Facility Link:

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