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Gulf Islands Film & Television School


Since 1995, The Gulf Islands Film and Television School (GIFTS) has been fostering the creative growth of junior (age 10-14), youth (15-18), adults (19+), school groups, French immersion schools and aboriginal bands from around the world. Our spring and summer"Media Intensive" programs have proven to be successful not only in equipping students with theoretical and technical training in media production, but also in increasing confidence and self-worth.The GIFTS model provides an excellent alternative to classroom education. At our live-in facility, students are immersed in a hands-on film making experience with industry professionals guiding them through each stage of the production process. This unique learning model has inspired and produced stunning transformational changes. The result is emerging media makers that can realize their true talent and potential. Every student leaves with a completed short film in our 6 or 13 day courses. Our students leave GIFTS empowered to continue to create.

As pioneers in the digital media revolution, GIFTS' instructors understand that new media producers must appreciate the importance of a good story well told, and have the ability to weave the technical with the creative using limited resources. The emphasis is on helping students to become media artists, not just cogs in the entertainment industry. The focus is on independent do-it-yourself rapid production, and the result is an out-pouring of creative energy and dedication that surprises everyone that views our students' productions.

Facility Information

Phone 1: 800-813-9993
Address: RR#2, Galiano Island
Area: Up Island
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