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Robert Bateman Centre in Victoria BC
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St. George's Anglican Church


The search for a spiritual home is an important quest. It's the search for a community of Christian faith that "fits" and where we feel "we belong." It is often the search for a place where the Christianity is experienced in a way that inspires our lives, deepens our faith, challenges our thoughts, and speaks to the longings of our hearts. It is a place with a worship pattern that feels familiar but also refreshing. It's a place where the lives of the young, children, teens, and young adults are nurtured in a meaningful way.

We offer:

Amazing Journey Summer Day Camp
A Week-long Summer Day Camp

Parish Dances: Ages 8 -12 & 13-16

MINISTRIES - Children's Ministry / Youth Ministry / Music & Theatre

Facility Information

Phone 1: 250-472-2090
Address: 3909 St. George's Lane
Area: Saanich
Facility Link:

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We offer school break camps as well as after school, weekend and evening programs for kids and teens.