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Sep 9th, 2015

What is a Little Fox Run?

by Guest Author

Category: Guest Articles on Parenting Issues

We would like your daycare to take part.

It's easy. All you have to do is hand out pledge sheets, map out a short run/walk route and take the children outside for twenty minutes in the afternoon. You can even get parents involved. Invite them to bring out their strollers or wagons. The Foundation will offer you support every tiny step of the way.

Getting started is easy: Just call us at 1 888 836-9786 and a quick registration will get you on your way!

We can also answer any questions you may have and give you the opportunity to order T-shirts.

Introducing Terry into your Daycare

• Create a prop box for you to use throughout your Terry Fox lesson. In the prop box you can include various things to do with Terry; running shoe, money jar, play money, shorts, T-shirt, test tube, map of Canada and a Canadian Flag. These are things you can have on hand to help explain Terry's story.

• Create a doll that looks like Terry, using popsicle sticks to create his prosthesis. Sit the "Terry" doll in a visible location and when the children first notice the new addition, they immediately will want to know what happened to his leg, sparking the start of Terry's story.

• Post a life size image of Terry in your classroom, somewhere it will grab the attention of the children.

• Ask your students whether they have heard of Terry Fox, some may already have participated in Terry Fox events with their family.

• Visit our lesson plans on our website for the document called "Talking to students about cancer" for help explaining the concept of cancer to children.
Introducing Terry into your Daycare

Event ideas:

• Hold a "Terry Toddle". Map out a small route, maybe a couple laps around a playground or park. Create banners and signs your students can carry during your "Terry Toddle"

• Hold a Loonie Parade. Map out Terry's Route with Loonies on a giant map of Canada, or make a Loonie chain to see how far your support will reach.

• Have a "Wishing Well" set up in your school and have students throw their donation in and make a wish for someone who is or has been affected by cancer.

• Have students trace their foot or hand, cut it out and have them decorate it. You can also include the name of a loved one or friend affected by cancer who they would like to run in honour of. Then display them on a bulletin board or around the room.

• Contact your local Terry Fox Foundation office for more great fundraising ideas and ways to share Terry's story with your students

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