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Jun 13th, 2013

The Sliding Scale of Reality!

by Geeta Bagga

Category: Guest Articles on Parenting Issues

The world that children live in doesn't help them to understand the true orders of magnitude of reality; whether it is the ultra-microscopic to the universal expanse of the cosmos. In their day to day lives, children have nothing that helps them realize that there is such a grand difference between truly small and truly enormous. Remember, to children, small can be a cheerio, and big can be daddy's beer belly.

Does your child ever ask "Exactly how big is the largest dinosaur in comparison to a human body?", or "How big is the blue whale really?" What about questions regarding the size of the universe and what it's made up of?

Now you can help your child gain a better perspective of the world around them; from the largest tree, to the size of the Titanic to the Great Pyramid of Giza and beyond. The Moveable Sliding scale of the universe is not only a real eye-opener to things larger than life, but also a great way for children to understand exactly where they sit in the grand scheme of things.

Happy learning! Thank you for visiting ChildsPlay101.com.

About the Author:

Geeta Bagga is a mother and a wife; a writer and a professional in the Information Technology sector. Geeta lives in Richmond Hill, Ontario and enjoys exploring many facets of life including healthy living and creative thinking.

Geeta has been a regular forum contributor for ChildsPlay101 since January 2010. She shares her experiences on child rearing and through her blogging, intends to enlighten parents on books, articles and websites that have a focus on positive children rearing.

Geeta also enjoys writing bedtime stories. Drawing on a rich cultural history and background, she has strong artistic flair which emanates in her tales. Her passion for story writing comes from numerous experiences as a child providing her with a unique outlook on our world today. Geeta captures this energy and builds story scapes that bring much enjoyment for children’s bed-time reading.

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