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Nov 16th, 2013

Surviving grocery shopping with your toddlers

by Carmen Scott

Category: Articles, Information & Tips on Parenting

We all survive grocery shopping, but today we are going to give you the tools so that you can actually enjoy this weekly outing with your toddlers.

Try shopping at non-peak hours, and not during big and busy case lot sales. Make sure that your child is not tired or close to nap time. Feed your kids before you take them so they'll be less likely to crave the food they see in the store.

Organize your grocery list by aisle and then arrange your list into categories, such as fruits, vegetables, canned goods, and dairy.

To keep your child from picking up germs from the shopping cart, bring some disinfectant wipes - most stores now offer these at the front doors.

Bring stroller toys and attach them to the cart so you won't have to dart to pick up dropped or thrown toys and make your toddler a cereal necklace out of oat rings and string to eat in the store.

Have an envelope where you keep coupons or pictures of the items that you will buy. Your toddler can use the pictures as a guide to find and "help" take non-breakables off the shelf and put them in the cart.

Help bag your own groceries so you can group items by where they belong in your home and before you leave for the store, clear off your counters to make space for incoming groceries.

When you get home, put away the frozen and refrigerated items and take a 15 to 20 minute break. This is the time to give your child some attention and praise for being a good helper. This is going to leave them feeling good about the experience, and they'll enjoy going shopping with you next time!

Clubs,Camps, Youth & Family Events in Victoria BC