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SPCA  Outdoor Fun and Time Spent With Animals

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Oct 1st, 2015

How to have a safe and enjoyable Halloween

by Carmen Scott

Category: Articles, Information & Tips on Parenting

Here are some safety tips for your kids on the big night.

Make sure that the costume fits and that it is not too big or too long. Also double knot all laces so they don't come undone during the night and trip you up.

Take a flash light, a fully charged cell phone, and take a wrist watch with an alarm to help you stay on track and back home at a per-arranged time. Also take an extra candy bag in case your first bag breaks.

Plan the route and stick with it. Stay with your group and only go to well lit houses, staying off the lawns and using the stairs and drive-ways. Stay on the porch and never go inside a house. Also be cautious around all animals, even the ones you know as this is a stressful night for animals.

Besides trick or treating, try Malloweens, community bonfires, and Rec centres for fun alternative activities.

Don't forget to have some change by the door along with the bowl of candy for those children who are collecting for Unicef.

If you have extra treats, you might think about sending some of them along with a non parishable food item to the local community food banks. The food will be appreciated and the candy will be a treat for the kids.

Have a fun and safe Happy Halloween! 

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