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Oct 25th, 2015

How to get your child sharing

by Carmen Scott

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How to get your child sharing | kids victoria bc

Children younger than 18-month-old don't have the impulse control to stop themselves from doing something they want to do. This means that most children can't really share until they're 2 1/2 to 3. Try to let your children learn to work it out themselves, if they can't here are some tips.

1, When you're playing together, show your child how to take turns: They add a block, and then you add a block. At bedtime, switch off who gets to flip the pages. When your child is playing with another child, keep the turns short and use a timer to help them know when their turn will come. These types of interactions will let your child experience sharing as a positive event.

2. Before a play date let your child choose and put away the things that are special and too hard to share.

3. Provide several of the same kinds of toys so there's enough for everyone.

4. Teach them why we share: we care about others feelings and it feels good to make others happy. Read stories about sharing or talk about it in the context of another story you are reading.

5. Remember to catch your child sharing and compliment them when they're playing cooperatively -- "I like how you gave Aaron the truck." Remember this is a process that needs to be practiced.

6. Make sure that you are modeling good sharing habits and that you reward good sharing by adding 5 -10 minutes of more play time.


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