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Apr 1st, 2013

Family Time Capsule

by Guest Author

Category: Guest Articles on Parenting Issues

The concept of the time capsule as we know it was invented by G. Edward Pendray of the Westinghouse Electric Corporation. Pendray's capsule was buried at the site of the 1939 New York World's Fair on September 23, 1938, and is scheduled to be opened in 6939. It was the intention of the organizers to "represent all the enormous variety and vigour of life" and to deposit "information touching upon all the principal categories of our thought, activity and accomplishment; sparing nothing, neither our wisdom nor our foolishness, our supreme achievements nor our recognized weaknesses." Since that time, numerous capsules have been buried, placed in the foundations of buildings or catapulted into space.

With the coming of the New Year, why not consider beginning a new family tradition by creating a family time capsule (FTC)?

A family time capsule is not only an educational activity for kids of all ages, but is also a great way to preserve your precious family memories in a unique and fun way. Think of your FTC as a treasure box that preserves a piece of the past. Years from now you will open it and glimpse a frozen moment in the life and times of your child and family.

By definition, a time capsule can be intentional or unintentional, and is usually buried. But should you choose to bypass the burial, simply locate a low trafficked spot somewhere in the house; like either in the basement, or garage.

What Should Go Inside? A variety of different materials could be included within your FTC. In fact, options are infinite. Just remember, the key to a meaningful time capsule is to make it personal and interesting. Be sure to have participation from all members of the family by asking each to "contribute" three or four items. A few items that are sure to "strike a chord" when seen again are things like hand-written notes addressed to your children; photographs of the world around you can also be quaint and instil deep emotions. Also, don't hesitate to include a brief description of the technology you use on a daily basis as this will give future viewers a glimpse into your world at the time of the capsule.

As for the closing and opening of a time capsule, select a day of significance, either universally or personally. Some obvious days are January 1 and Christmas Day, however, birthdays, wedding anniversaries, Mother's Day or Father's Day, or a day of historical importance is just as good as any. How long you choose to keep the capsule closed is entirely up to you. Most FT's are sealed for ten years, if not twenty. To a child, that will seem like an eternity, but most adults realize that it passes in a veritable blur. Nevertheless, wait as long as possible to make the effect more dramatic. No doubt the opening will be an exciting event to look forward to for years to come, so be patient – It will be worth the wait!

Happy New Years to all. May the year of 2011 be a holder of many dreams that come true!

About Geeta Bagga: From Richmond Hill, Ontario, Geeta enjoys being a regular forum contributor for ChildsPlay101. Her work intends to inspire and inform parents of sources covering a variety of topics.

Geeta also enjoys writing bedtime stories for young children. Drawing on a rich cultural history and background, she has strong artistic flair which emanates in her tales. Her latest title includes Gracie Meets the Sock Monster, and Elephants in my Backyard: ETA Spring 2012 View Geeta's Linked

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