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Sep 19th, 2015

Extracurricular Activities Empower Children

by Carmen Scott

Category: Articles, Information & Tips on Parenting

One of the goals of parenting is to see your children live healthy and productive lives. One of the easiest ways to accomplish both of these goals is to have you children participate in extracurricular activities; which can be critical to a child's development.

Participation in extracurricular activities promotes a positive sense of self, encourages personal accomplishment and develops interpersonal skills.

When choosing an activity for your child make sure your child has the minimum skill level required for that activity. Children are very aware of their abilities and can feel upset if they can't keep up with the other children in the group.

Some programs are very casual, while others are very structured. Know which type of style best suits your child, for example, new programs tend to be a little less organized and this can be upsetting for some children.

Most activities accept children within a large age range. If your child is a natural leader, put them in an activity where they are one of the older children. This will give them an opportunity to help the younger ones. If your child is new to the activity, place them in a class where they are at the younger end of the age range and they can learn from the older children.

Another great reason to get involved with extracurricular activities is that these activities develop a sense of teamwork and foster leadership and decision-making skills, which creates a sense of belonging and attachment to their community.

So whether you decide on hockey, soccer or a mixed media art class, be sure to ask if the program qualifies for the Fitness and Arts Tax Credit. BC families can now claim up to $500 per child, per year in eligible expenses for sports and arts programs outside the school system, which is helping BC's children live healthy and creative lives by encouraging participation in arts and sports.

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