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Jun 17th, 2017

12 Tips on Finding the Right Summer Camp for Your Child!

by Carmen Scott

Category: Articles, Information & Tips on Parenting

Two of the most frightening words for even the most experienced parents are  " I'm Bored!"

Here are my top twelve tips to ensure that you find the right winter break camp for your child:

1. If a camp is advertised as "Fills up Fast" or "very popular"￾ believe it!

2. Cancellations: ask about cancellation policies. Some have a small  admin fee so it might be worth it to register even if you are not sure you will attend.

3. Most camps accept children within a large age range. If your child is a natural leader, put them in a camp where they are one of the older children. This will give them an opportunity to help younger ones. If your child is new to the activity, place them in a camp where they are at the younger end of the age range and they can learn from the older kids.

4. Read the fine print so that your child comes prepared with proper equipment, snacks, etc. Some camps provide everything and others require you to bring your own supplies.

5. Some week long camps will take drop-ins. Don't be afraid to ask.

6. Don't hesitate to put your child on the waiting list for a camp. Lots of people cancel at the last minute. See #2.

7. Some camps are very casual, while others are very structured. Know what your child needs and ask. For example, new camps tend to be a little less organized and this can be upsetting for some children.

8. Many camps require a medical form or other waivers. Make sure you have these filled in and signed for the first day. This will make the sign in go smoothly.

9. Many facilities offer extended care for an additional charge. For working parents, think about using this service even once to give yourself a break and time to get things done.

10. Make sure you have all necessary people on the "able to pick up" list. THEY WILL ONLY release your child to designated people. You can add people to the list during the camp if your child makes a friend and wants a play date.

11. Make sure your child has the minimum skill level required for a camp. Kids are very aware of their abilities and can feel bad if they cant keep up with the others.

12. If you find a really fabulous camp leader, make sure to get their full name. Camps often hire the same people year to year and you can ask at the beginning of the season which camps that person is leading.

Hope these tips will help you provide your child with a great camp experience!

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